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The pinnacle of our engine program is the SSP all new, zero miles 1600cc, 1641cc and 1776cc Type 1 engines. Built from 100% new components on an ISO 9002 Certified assembly line in the UK, this is so much more than just an engine.

Checked and double checked, built in an environment that has been selected by major motor manufacturers to undertake their engine work, and assembled together meticulously in a rigid process that demands perfection, this is the reason our engines are the most expensive. 

With our extensive global purchasing program, we have searched high and low to source the right parts to make a top-quality engine. With some parts now being unavailable new we have carefully selected only the best alternatives, many are sourced from the original suppliers to VW.


This ensures that the quality of the engine is streets ahead of the competition.



Our 100% new engine range is complemented by our re-manufactured range, which offers a number of benefits to the VW enthusiast. By remanufacturing old engines we are able to offer replacements where it is no longer possible to source all new parts, as well as offering a lower price and environmentally better alternative to those where we could offer all-new.


With our remanufactured range a number of key parts are always replaced with brand new items, while those parts that are re-manufactured are carefully inspected and if necessary re-worked to ensure they  meet the original specification prior to use.


Our remanufactured engines are assembled with same care and precision, on the same production line and by the same craftsmen, as our 100% new range. This ensures the quality is the same and allows us to offer the same market leading warranty. The following key parts are always fitted brand new:


• Cylinder heads, 1600cc, Type 4 and Waterboxer

• Pistons & cylinders• Oil-pump (excluding Type4)

• Cam-followers

• Bearings

• Oil cooler

• Pushrod tubes


When remanufacturing, the following procedures are undertaken:


• Crankcase: Vapour blasted; Line-bored & machined as required. Oil gallery plugs removed, threads checked, oil relief valve over bored if required

• Crankshaft: Reground and checked for cracks & straightness

• Cylinder heads: Crack-tested, fitted with new guides, valve-seats refaced

• Flywheel: Refaced or fitted with new as required





All our engines are spin tested; this lasts a minimum of 30 minutes and is performed to check for oil leaks, using ultra violet dye in the oil. During the test each cylinder is checked for compression, and oil pressures monitored throughout.


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